Special Promo
Special Promo

Special Promotions

As a special marketing promotion for people interested to visit the resort and to get to know more about the Vacation Club Membership, we have
a special “Preview Offer” programme. The offer is for two persons sharing a studio apartment (TO), self-catering for one week at the new resort, for the price of €875.00.

Terms and Conditions

* Couples who are between the ages of 35-70.

* Married or living together for a minimum of 2 years. Prior to the booking of the Preview Offer.

* A joint Annual income of at least £45,000 or €52,600.

* At least one of whom is in full time Employment or retired.

* Who have not had a promotional holiday pack or a free holiday just purchased at another resort.

* Must attend a minimum of 90 minutes vacation club presentation.

* Will agree to pay €250 per night should the application not meet the above qualification.