Business Partners


First National Trustee Company (FNTC)

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FNTC is a subsidiary of the IFG Group Plc., a Dublin based financial services company that is quoted on both the London and Dublin stock exchanges.

FNTC is the leading provider of administration and trustee services to the holiday ownership industry, providing services for over 280 clubs and resorts, protecting the interests of over 450,000 holiday owners in many countries.

FNTC is the appointed administrator of the Royal Savoy Vacation Club and amongst its many functions, FNTC administers and processes the Club Memberships and issues ownership documents on behalf of the club.


Interval International (II)

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II was established in 1976 and is a quality vacation exchange network made up of more than 2,000 resorts and over 1.5 million member families worldwide. The company employs nearly 1,600 people through 27 corporate offices in 18 countries around the world.

The Royal Savoy Vacation Club has chosen II for its exchange partner for its outstanding record of affiliating the highest quality resorts in the industry.
It has also been successful in attracting the leading brands from the vacation ownership and hospitality industries into its expanding network of quality resorts.

The Royal Savoy Vacation Club is recognised by II as a premier destination 5-star resort and is in the highest exchange value category in Europe.

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Grupo AFA

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Founded in 1980 in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, today the AFA Group is a corporate group with consolidated international business and holding interests in various business areas, though still maintaining its main activity of civil construction and public works.

Internationally speaking, the African continent is still the geographic area which concentrates the greatest interests of the AFA Group. It was in this Continent that in 2007 in Mauritania and Senegal that AFA Group started its international expansion; and it is in this continent where today it still has its main market in the Republic of Angola.

In addition to Madeira where it is the market leader in engineering and construction sector, the AFA Group is also present on the Portuguese mainland and in the Azores, maintaining interests in various business areas and in all of them seeking to be a byword for modernity, consistency and confidence which constitute the specific features of its culture and its modus operandi on the markets where it is present.


Savoy Signature

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Since the early 1900s, the Savoy Hotel has been welcoming European gentry and discerning visitors to Madeira. From a small family business with humble ambitions and the name “Royal Hotel”, grew a tradition of sincere and discerning hospitality.
In 2015, Saccharum and Calheta Beach, both located in Calheta - south coast of Madeira and just 25 minutes’ drive from Funchal, became part of Savoy Signature. A remarkable milestone in the history of Savoy Signature as the collection extends to six hotels:

• Savoy Palace - Tribute Cosmopolitan Resort – 5 star
• Royal Savoy - Heritage Sea Resort - 5 star
• Saccharum - Hedonist Design Resort – 5 star
• NEXT - Connected Sea Hotel – 4 star
• Calheta Beach - Fine Sand All-Inclusive Resort – 4 star
• Gardens - Panoramic Adults-Only Hotel – 4 star

Now in the 21st Century, the Savoy brand image and the renowned reputation of each of our hotels, are the key factors to our success, of our past, present and future. The history of Savoy Signature continues to renew itself, however our goals remain unchanged - to consolidate and convey our century-old tradition of genuine hospitality, together with the excellence of our brand recognised internationally, is and will always be our priority.