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“A warm welcome from Madeira, Europe’s most traditional holiday island destination”

Funchal ( 21-09-2020 )


Min Temp: 20.0 , Max Temp: 25.0 , Humidity: 65 %

Calheta ( 21-09-2020 )


Min Temp: 20.0 , Max Temp: 24.0 , Humidity: 69 %



This is the island of eternal spring – famous for its natural beauty and for the hospitality of its people. A tranquil island that looks forward to offering you fantastic holidays.

A volcanic island in the Atlantic, Madeira rises majestically from a mountain range submerged beneath the sea. Along the roadways that wind their way through sleepy hamlets and larger villages, the manmade watercourse “levadas” appear to be ribbons of water meandering through the countryside sparkling in the bright sunlight that bathes the Island. Flowers are in abundance; wild flowers of every colour grow in profusion. Mother nature has blessed this Island with true natural beauty that makes Madeira a botanical garden where side by side grow English roses, Asiatic orchids and fruits from all continents.

Along the seacoast, the Atlantic changes from clear light blue, to pale green and eventually white as the waves crash against the cliffs and rocky shores of the Island that is truly “The floating garden in the Atlantic”.

The Madeira Archipelago is made up of the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo and the uninhabited islands of Selvagens and Desertas, and situated between latitude 32o22’20” and 33o7’50”, with its longitude between 16o16’30”W and 17o16’38”W. Madeira has a surface area of 459 sq. miles (741 Kms2), 35 miles long and 13 miles wide. The Island is 310 miles from the African coast and 620 miles from the European continent, which is the equivalent of 1 hour 30 minutes flight from Lisbon.



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