About Madeira
About Madeira
About Madeira
About Madeira


Madeira, a true gift from nature right in the middle of the Atlantic. Flawless landscape displays a unique scenario where sea and forest, mountains and valleys come together in a perfect symbiosis.

Unique location situated approximately 620 miles (1000 km) from the European mainland and just 300miles (500km) off the coast of Africa, this Portuguese archipelago is made up of 4 islands: Madeira, Porto Santo and two uninhabited islands, Selvagens and Desertas. The island of Madeira has a surface area of 459 square miles (741 km2), (35 miles long and 13 miles wide).

Accessible destination this journey can start in several ways. The most common way is by plane: international flights are frequent and accessible from any major European city on trips that are never too long, lasting 3 to 4 hours on average. The flight is no more than 2 hours from the Portuguese mainland.

Extraordinary climate Madeira island geographic location and mountainous terrain provide its amazingly mild climate, ranging from 25°C in the summer to 17°C in the winter, with very mild average temperatures and moderate humidity. Different microclimates add new sensations while going around the island: cool air in the mountains while exploring magnificent trails and the sunny hours during amazing boat tours.

Haven of natural beauty a volcanic island in the Atlantic has risen majestically from a mountain range submerged beneath the sea. Along the roadways that wind their way through the villages, the Levadas (irrigation channels) appear to be ribbons of water meandering through the countryside sparkling in the bright sunlight that bathes the island. Flowers are in abundance, exotic colours everywhere. Mother nature has blessed this island with true natural beauty where flowers and fruits grow side by side. Along the seacoast, colours change from clear light blue, to pale green and eventually white as the waves crash against the cliffs of the island that is truly a floating garden in the Atlantic.

Diversity of experiences hidden gems and one of a kind experiences await for you. Besides appreciating stunning landscapes, that include the Laurel Forest, named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Madeira has so much to offer, both in the city and countryside. Culture and traditions, festivals and festivities, gardens full of colours, delicious local cuisine, the uniqueness of Madeira wine and the beauty of the embroidery are just the beginning of this story. Boat trips, water sports, golf and mountain trails are just a part of a wide variety of activities that will magically connect you with nature.

Our peaceful and safe island looks forward to offering you fantastic experiences.

Funchal ( 14-07-2024 )


Min Temp: 19.4 , Max Temp: 21.0 , Humidity: 85 %

Calheta ( 14-07-2024 )


Min Temp: 19.4 , Max Temp: 21.0 , Humidity: 70 %



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